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ACCINOV, Lyon (France)

Accelerating the implementation of the Centre for Infectious Diseases for better inNOVation the origin for the name of ACCINOV the innovative platform of the project of the Centre for Infectious Diseases of Lyonbiopole; the first stone of the Institute for Technological Research for ‘Infectious Diseases’ was laid in 2013.
This is a ‘hotel for technical platforms’, realised in a new building suited to start-ups and to SMEs providing services in the areas of biological analysis or bio-manufacturing, or carrying out independent activity in developing new products for preventative, therapeutic or diagnostic use. These activities require implantation in high-tech laboratories, and it is in this context that the SUD/TEM architects/engineers team — the experts in this field — was selected

- 1 ISO8, ISO7 and ISO5 bio-production zone (cell lines, recombinant proteins, antibodies, etc.) of 1,190 m²
- 1 laboratory zone (analytical technical levels) of 2,040 m²
- 1 support platform with common areas, including: laundry, cold rooms, storages, gas platform, solvents tanks, plant for chemical effluents, local biological and regular waste, etc.
- 1 tertiary zone and common areas, including reception area, meeting room, common room and mobile offices

Client: Accinov
Delivery Date: 2010
Surface area: 6,000 sq m
Amount: €11.6 million

Architectural design:
SUD Architectes
Draft of Preliminary project summary
Final pre-project/Building permit
Project study
Tender documents
Architectural follow-up

MEP engineering:
TEM Partners
Heating system / ventilation / air conditioning
High and low voltage current
Fluids and specialty gases
Laboratory effluents
Building management system
Plumbing and sanitation
Cold rooms