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Opened in 1857, the Europejski was one of the most luxurious hotels in Eastern Europe. Throughout the years, the hotel held the title as the most prestigious hotel in Poland and the Russian Empire. Destroyed during World War II, the building was rebuilt and had several purposes until the fall of Communism. The property was then returned to the heirs of its pre-war owners, with the ambition to restore its former glory. After reconstruction and renovation, Hotel Europejski will also host luxury offices.
Investors/architects teams were consulted. Only the SUD project was granted by the Conservateurs des Bâtiments [Curators and Conservators] of the buildings of Warsaw.

Conversion of a listed historic building located at the centre of Warsaw into a 5-star palace. A conference centre and a gastronomic restaurant (14,200 sq m); luxury boutiques (2,800 sq m); Class “A+” offices (6,100 sq m)

Client: HESA

Delivery Date: 2017
Surface area: 28.000 m²
Amount: 70 M€

Architectural design:
SUD Architectes / SUD Polska

Concept design
Building permit
Tender documents
Architectural follow-up